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Does the InfraWare Dictation mobile app support Biometric login?
Signing in to InfraWare Dictation for iOS and Android using Biometrics 
How to recover a forgotten password with a valid email address in InfraWare Dictation for iOS and Android.
Recover lost password in InfraWare Dictation for iOS and Android 
ITC Inactivity Timeout
ITC Inactivity Timeout 
What browsers does InfraWare Support?
Supported Browsers 
How is editing multi-speaker work different from regular First Draft editing?
What are the Multi Speaker specific keyboard shortcuts? 
How do I restore a previous version of a template?
Restoring a Previous Version of a Template in the ITE 
Where can I find FD Graded Model Details in the ITC?
FD Grades visible in the ITC 
Transcriptionist Setting - Limit Job Duration
Maximum Job Duration 
Does InfraWare support Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge and InfraWare explained 
How can an author play audio in the InfraWare Portal?
Play Audio in InfraWare Portal 
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