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What do the codes mean in the Date fields in the ITE?
Description of Date Codes in the ITE 
How do I specify the format of Date/Time fields in my templates?
ITE Custom Date Fields Explained 
How do I set the ITC to load EMR Data in the background?
Loading EMR Data in the ITC 
What is the Facility CRM screen?
Facility CRM Screen 
How can I place my logo on the Secure Web Portal and the Secure Web Portal Login?
Place Custom Logo on EHR Website 
How to specify filenames for reports downloaded from IMC or Secure Web Portal
Custom Report Filenames 
What audio files does InfraWare support?
Supported Audio Formats Explained 
How can I manage my spell check dictionary?
Customize spell checking 
InfraWare Template Editor - Template Wizard Instructions
Using the ITE Template Wizard 
How do I setup a SFTP Delivery Destination?
Setting Up FTP/SFTP Delivery 
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