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What is the ITC Worker (MT or QA) Status?

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ITC Worker Status Explained


In the lower right hand corner of the ITC Main Window, users can express their current status.  The screen shot below shows the current status of this worker is "Transcribing and ready for new jobs."  The image also displays additional options that can be selected.

The purpose of this setting is to inform the platform regarding how to handle automatic routing of transcription and QA jobs.  Additional jobs won't be routed to a user with a status ending in ".. and not ready for new jobs".  Additional jobs will be routed to users with a status of ".. and ready for new jobs", but only if:

  • New jobs become available, and
  • The user has permissions for that job, and
  • The job(s) in question aren't routed to a different user due to a workflow or timing preference.


  • Default:  Users can establish a default worker status to take effect each time they start and login to the ITC.  That default is set on the General tab of the User Settings screen. 

  • In addition to setting the default as above, this status can be changed at any time from the ITC Main Window or the ITC Editor by using Ctrl + F12, or with the mouse as noted in the steps below.  This can be helpful if your default worker status is set to "I am transcribing and ready for new jobs" but you are finished for the day and want to complete what you have downloaded and not get more work.
    • From the ITC Main Window, click on the Work Status in the bottom right-hand corner and choose from the list.
    • From the ITC Editor (open job) by going to the Tools menu ⇒ Set Status option:



The status of each worker is viewable by Administrators on the MT Status Page in the IMC.  See KB239 for that.

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