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What is the ITC Worker (MT or QA) Status?
ITC Worker Status 
How do I see ITC Status History for a Transcriptionist?
MT Status History 
What does each delivery status mean?
Delivery Statuses Explained 
What does each job status mean?
Job status legend 
How do I check the status of a Transcriptionist?
MT Status and Queue Depth 
What do the summary job statuses mean in the Secure Web Portal?
Job Statuses Explained 
What do the Job Statuses in the IMC and Secure Web Portal mean?
Job Status Legend 
What determines when a job shows up on a billing report?
Job status at which to bill 
How do I manage (reveal or condense) the job status my clients see in the Secure Web Portal?
Displaying actual job status in Secure Web Portal for a user 
How do I force a job through which is in "delayed" status?
Forcing jobs in delayed status to the next step in the workflow 
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