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Does InfraWare Mobile use wifi or the cell signal to submit dictations?
InfraWare Mobile WiFi Utilization 
How does the Quick Type feature work?
Quick Type Explained 
What are the steps to eSign a document in the Secure Web Portal?
Step-by-Step eSign Off Walkthrough 
How does Tab Visibility work?
Tab Visibility explained 
How do I use the Address Book in the ITC?
Using the Address Book in the ITC 
What are the best practices to be used with First Draft Phrases?
Best Practices for First Draft Phrases 
How do I manage (reveal or condense) the job status my clients see in the Secure Web Portal?
Displaying actual job status in Secure Web Portal for a user 
What is the Facility setting Mark Job as Delivered after Viewing Document from Job Properties in Secure Web Portal?
Mark job delivered when viewing in Secure Web Portal 
How do I allow eSign-off Pending jobs to be modified for a particular facility?
How to allow eSign-off pending jobs to be edited 
Can I prevent facility users from retrieving incomplete jobs?
Block incomplete jobs 
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