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What does the "First Draft Job" column in the Admin Queue mean?
First Draft column in IMC Queue 
How do I allow Facility Administrators to use the ITE?
How to allow facility administrator to use ITE 
How do you copy a platform user?
How to copy a user 
What is the warning color style option in the user preferences?
Warning Color Style in the IMC 
What is the queue page size option in the user preferences?
Setting the queue page size 
What is the Bold a queue row if job not option in the user preferences?
How to make queue rows bold 
What is the Consider billable jobs as Complete for Queue Stats option in the IMC user preferences?
Restricting Information Included in Queue Stats 
What is a QA Admin?
Master QA Permissions 
How can users easily email their account admin?
Setup Admin Email link  
How do I temporarily add a column to my Admin Queue in the IMC?
Add columns to the Admin Queue in the IMC 
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