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How long is dictation audio stored on the InfraWare 360 platform?
Data Retention Policy - dictation audio 
How can I Allow (or Deny) Authors to Access Audio?
Facility Settings - Allow Authors to Access Audio 
How do I Control Audio Settings in the ITC?
ITC keyboard Audio Controls 
What audio files does InfraWare support?
Supported Audio Formats Explained 
How can an author play audio in the InfraWare Portal?
Play Audio in InfraWare Portal 
What does "Original audio not found" mean in the Audit Trail with regard to First Draft?
Troubleshooting original audio not found 
How do I use Advanced Audio Options in the ITC?
Advanced Audio Options in the ITC 
How can I require MTs to play an entire audio file?
Require playing entire dictation 
How does playback work when reaching the end of the audio file?
Rewind to start when end of job reached 
How can I trim a job that is too long?
Reduce audio length 
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