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What are the parameters of the Job Properties Change Report?
Job Properties Changed Report Parameters 
How do I use the Job Properties Page?
Job Properties Page Explained 
What is the Default Job Properties tab option in the user preferences?
Setting the default job properties tab 
What is the Job Properties Changed Report?
Job Properties Changed Report 
How can I change the properties for multiple jobs at one time?
How to Change Properties on Multiple Jobs Explained 
How are job properties changed in the ITC by a Transcriptionist or QA user?
Changing the job properties from the ITC 
What is the Account setting Mark Job as Delivered after Viewing Document from Job Properties in IMC?
Mark Job as Delivered Explained 
Reprocess FD when Job Properties changed in Web Portal
Reprocess FD when Job properties changed in Secure Web Portal 
What is the option to Re-queue for First Draft if eligible prior to routing to editing?
Requeue Jobs for First Draft 
What is the IMC Queue?
Queue Overview 
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