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How do I view addenda in the IMC?
Viewing addenda in the IMC 
How do I search for deleted jobs and addenda in the IMC Jobs Queue?
Searching for Deleted Jobs and Addendums in the IMC 
How do you remove an addendum in the IMC?
How to Remove an Addendum in the IMC 
How can I finish a report from a second dictation (Attach an Addendum)?
Addendum Process 
How do I resend previously sent deliveries?
Re-Delivering Jobs after Addendum 
Can MT's attach addendums to jobs of different authors?
Allow MT's to attach addendums across different authors 
How can I authorize Transcriptionists to add Addendums in ITC?
Allow MT transcriptionist to Perform Addendums 
How do I view addendum details in the IMC?
How to View Addendum Details 
If a job has a status of Pending Addendum how do I release it to the customer if needed?
Releasing a Job in Pending Addendum status 
How can I restart TAT on Addendum?
Restart TAT on Addendum 
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