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What is the Administration tab in First Draft Areas?
Administration tab for a First Draft Area 
How is Workflow managed in the IMC?
Workflow Management in the IMC 
How can a Facility Admin create and print envelopes from the Secure Web Portal?
Creating/Printing Envelopes from EHR Web Portal 
How do I print multiple jobs onto sticky paper?
Print Chart Notes On Sticky Paper 
If a job has a status of Pending Addendum how do I release it to the customer if needed?
Releasing a Job in Pending Addendum status 
How do I print and download completed jobs from the Secure Web Portal?
Print/Download reports from Secure Web Portal 
How can I prevent First Draft for jobs that are too short or too long?
Defining size (duration) limits for First Draft 
How can I finish a report from a second dictation (Attach an Addendum)?
Addendum Process 
In what order are jobs presented to MTs for transcription?
Queuing Methods Explained 
What are the Key Terms for InfraWare 360?
Key Terms for InfraWare 360 
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