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How do I allow eSign-off Pending jobs to be modified for a particular facility?
How to allow eSign-off pending jobs to be edited 
Why will a QA Pending job not route to me when I log into the ITC?
Routing QA Pending Jobs 
If a job has a status of Pending Addendum how do I release it to the customer if needed?
Releasing a Job in Pending Addendum status 
Why do appointments remain in my IDC schedule after I have completed the dictation?
Why completed appointments remain in the IDC schedule. 
How can I view all Delivery Instructions for a Facility?
Delivery Instruction Page Options Explained 
What is Return to Server?
Return to Server 
What does each job status mean?
Job status legend 
How do I use the Dictation Schedule in InfraWare Mobile for iOS?
How to use the Dictation Schedule in the InfraWare Mobile for iOS Application. 
How does Return to QA work?
Return to QA 
How does eSign-off work?
eSign-off Explained 
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