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What does "Original audio not found" mean in the Audit Trail with regard to First Draft?
Troubleshooting original audio not found 
Why do I get an error "Application Could Not Be Started" when I try to launch the Online Editor?
Enabling .NET features 
How do I mark volume as manually ineligible for First Draft?
Set Volume as Manually Ineligible for First Draft 
What is the Bold a queue row if job not option in the user preferences?
How to make queue rows bold 
What happens if a Routing Plan or Rule for a Production Unit is not Active?
Production Unit Routing - Marking Plans or Rules Inactive 
Why isn't the ITC or IDC visible after starting?
Why is the ITC or IDC not visible after starting? 
Why are jobs for an Author who is enabled for First Draft not going through First Draft?
Troubleshooting jobs which did not go through First Draft 
What to do if the Online Editor does not open?
Online Editor Browser Settings 
What is "Convert dangerous abbreviations" in the IMC?
Option for Joint Commission list of "Do not use" abbrevations in First Draft output 
Why will a QA Pending job not route to me when I log into the ITC?
Routing QA Pending Jobs 
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