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At what status does the TAT calculation stop for a job?
TAT Calculation for a Job 
How are Pay Calculations done when more than one MT works on a First Draft job?
Pay Calculations for First Draft Jobs Worked by Multiple MT's 
What resources are available to calculate the line counting?
Line Counting Calculation 
How do I override Pay calculations for a First Draft job?
First Draft Pay Override 
What is the option to Revert to non-editing rate if draft discarded impact pay calculation?
Revert to non-editing rate explained 
What do the parameters for the Productivity Trending Report mean?
Productivity Trending Report parameters explained 
How is Optional Template Text counted for billing or pay?
Optional Template Text Metrics 
What determines when a job shows up on a billing report?
Job status at which to bill 
How do I run a QA Score Report?
QA Score Report 
How do I manage Active TAT Hours for a Document Type?
Managing Active TAT Hours for a Document Type 
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