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What is the Billing Detail Required check box on the CRM Document Upload?
Billing Detail Required Checkbox Explained 
How do I require 1st level of eSign-off before 2nd level?
Require 1st Level eSign Before 2nd Level 
How can I require MTs to play an entire audio file?
Require playing entire dictation 
How can I require MTs to spell check?
Force spell check prior to submission 
How do I set a QA requirement for an author?
Routing to QA by Author 
How do I set the ADT Screen to load for each new job in the ITC?
Make (or prevent) the ADT Screen load automatically in ITC 
How can I establish QA Requirements for Current & Future Jobs?
Requiring QA 
How does 'Require release before delivery' work?
How to hold/release delivery instructions 
Can I require an expiration date be set on all Global Documents for a facility?
Requiring expiration dates for Global Documents 
How do I setup jobs to go to QA?
QA Workflow Explained 
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