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How long will my InfraWare Dictation app keep me logged in?
InfraWare Dictation app timeout length 
How do I disable the Timeout feature in the IMC and Secure Web Portal?
Enable/Disable Timeout in IMC or Secure Web Portal 
When will Jobs in the Document Identification Queue be automatically released?
Doc Type ID Queue Timeout Settings 
What happens in the ITC when jobs become no longer checked out to the MT?
Retrieval of Jobs report No Longer Checked Out in the ITC 
How can I test my FTP server?
Test InfraWare's ability to connect to your SFTP 
What do the parameters of the Discarded Draft Report mean?
Drafts Discarded Report Parameters explained 
What is the option to Revert to non-editing rate if draft discarded impact pay calculation?
Revert to non-editing rate explained 
What is the Drafts Discarded Report?
Drafts Discarded Report 
What is Automation of Document Type in the Document Identification Queue?
Automation of Document Type in the Document Identification Queue 
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