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How to set tones for fast-forward and rewind in ITC
Tone Settings for Fast-Forward and Rewind in ITC Explained 
What should be sent to MTs prior to their initial ITC training?
Pre-training email to MTs 
How do I use Playback Pedals (Foot Pedals)?
Configure pedals for ITC 
How do I Record Into (insert) a Dictation in the IDC?
How to Record Into (insert) a Dictation in the IDC 
How can I require MTs to play an entire audio file?
Require playing entire dictation 
How can I customize recording controls (pedals and buttons) for the IDC?
Customize recording pedals 
How is turn-around time affected when a regular job gets changed to stat?
Restarting TAT when job changed to Stat 
What is the Default Configuration for Dictation Numbers in the Telephone Dictation System (TDS)?
Default Configuration for Custom Numbers 
How do I Control Audio Settings in the ITC?
ITC keyboard Audio Controls 
Are InfraWare programs compatible with Windows 8?
Windows 8 Compatibility 
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