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How do I modify/change and Address Book entry?
Changing an Address Book Entry 
How are job properties changed in the ITC by a Transcriptionist or QA user?
Changing the job properties from the ITC 
How can I allow users to modify STAT in the Portal?
Allow Users to Modify STAT in the Portal 
How do I insert or modify a table in the ITC?
How to Manage Tables in the ITC. 
How do I Modify Quick-Type (word expander) Settings?
Modify Quick-type/Word Expander Settings 
How can I add/edit the Contact Information for my Account?
Account Settings - Contact Information 
How do I make a change to a word during spell check if the word is not on the Suggestions list?
Making Changes During Spell Check in the ITC 
How can I setup masks for MTs to get specific types of jobs?
Setting up masks for transcription queuing 
How do you manage the Address Book in the IMC?
Managing the Address Book in the IMC 
What are the shortcuts for the ADT Screen in the ITC?
ADT Keystroke Shortcuts 
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