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Why do I need to Create Document Types?
Purpose of Document Types 
What is the purpose of Document Types?
Document Types Explained 
How does the InfraWare 360 platform use Document Types?
Document types (work types) explained 
How do I enable certain Document Types for First Draft ?
Enable Document Types for First Draft 
What are the Document Type columns on the First Draft author list?
Document Type readiness for First Draft 
What happens when I delete a facility, a user, a job or a document type?
Deleting users, facilities, jobs, document types 
How do I create a Document Type?
How to Create a Document Type 
How can I influence the Default Document Type in the IDC?
Overriding the Default Document Type in the IDC 
How do I route jobs to eSign-off by Document Type?
Routing to eSign-off by Document Type 
How do I create a Document Type (Work Type)
Create a Document Type/Work Type 
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